Don’t get your panties in a twist. Spending the week-end at your boyfriend’s house? Forget the plastic bag. ANNA MOÏ’s lingerie bags will keep your fine underthings pristine no matter what you’ve put them through.

ANNA MOÏ lingerie bags with fanciful embroidery are a must have for travel and tidy lingerie drawers. The Anna Moï lingerie bag is beautiful, functional and a necessity to keep your lingerie clean and organized while traveling and at home.

ANNA MOÏ Usage Tips:

Unpack with ease by placing Anna Moï lingerie bags into drawers when you arrive at your destination.
Use the Anna Moï zipper bag to separate your clean bra and panties.
Keep an extra Anna Moï drawstring bag handy for laundry.
Use Anna Moï lingerie bags to keep slippery silks and lacy undergarments looking fresh.
Keep track of your black, nude and color thongs at home by separating and storing in Anna Moï lingerie bags.

The sister team of Thien-Nga (based in Vietnam and Paris) and Thanh Tran (based in Los Angeles) are the genius behind the design and vision of Anna Moï. With whimsical embroidery, they have reinterpreted and updated the crisp linen lingerie and shoe bags that were a staple of the grand ladies of French occupied Vietnam during the late 1800’s.

Lucy Liu, Courtney Cox, Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Simpson, Naomi Watts and Kristin Davis have all received Anna Moï lingerie bags. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera have discovered the bags and are buying them in droves as gifts and for personal use.

Anna Moï Gift Ideas:

Stuff your Holiday stockings with Anna Moï bags.
Add Anna Moï bags to a weekend duffle as a great gift.
Anna Moï is the perfect hostess gift for a party.
Fill Anna Moï with colorful thongs as a gift for all your girlfriends.
Give Anna Moï bags to your bride’s maids.

Our bags are 100% cotton
Drawstring Bag: 13.3" x 15"
Zipper Bag has 2 zippered pockets: 16" x 16"

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