Sensatia Natural coconut soaps are pure, simple, and natural. That's what we're all about. Our soaps are made from the finest, food-grade ingredients -- carefully mixed, cured, cut, and wrapped by hand for your pleasure. They're sure to remind you of a bygone era when things were still done the old-fashioned way; by hand. Below you will find some of the finer points of why our soaps are different than those bright, shiny, highly processed bars. We also suggest browsing: "Why is it better to use handmade soap

Handmade- From start to finish our soapmaking process is 100% handmade. We carefully select all ingredients that are found in our products. Anything less than pure & fresh is just not good enough and won't be compromised, for it's our name, ideals, and customers trust that is at stake.
100% natural ingredients- We use only 100% natural ingredients unless otherwise clearly noted. In fact, most of our ingredients could be classified as organic. In Bali, the process of farming is wholly organic, never using any synthetic fertilizer , constantly rotating crops, and burning the remaining plant matter to till back into the soil, (but unfortunately not organic on paper.) In other words most of our ingredients are organic "off the record. " In Balinese belief our bodies are temples; same as the sky, the rivers, the ocean, the earth, and the universe are temples. If we adopt this concept of wholeness, we could more easily accept the idea- natural is the only way. Everything that goes on our bodies also goes into our bodies. It makes sense that we strive to use ingredients that are completely edible. Wouldn't you agree most people would be much happier drinking a carrot/ ginger juice rather than a Pentadoxynol Dipropylene Glycol shake with a side of FD&C blue no. 1? But most of us bathe first thing in the morning with "those other soaps" before we even drink our organic coffee. Oxymoron? Go natural, you will feel the difference.

Rich in natural glycerin- Did you know most brand name soaps contain no glycerin whatsoever? Glycerin is a naturally occurring by-product in the soapmaking process. It is heavier than the other ingredients, so the soap must be stirred constantly to keep it incorporated within the mixture. Many manufacturers let the soap sit, drain off the glycerin to make those expensive clear bars, then take the remaining product, add chemicals, hardeners & perfumes, and market it as "soap". Our natural coconut soaps maintain all of the naturally occurring glycerin, which is why they are so soft and creamy.

Superfatting method- Another method we use to create a moisture rich bar is called superfatting. This is a method soapmakers use to enrich an otherwise normal (natural) bar of soap. At the last stages of the mixing process before the soap starts to set we add a certain, additional portion of coconut oil. This oil tends not to saponify (or become soap) thus creating a final product that is supple and emollient rich.

Cold process method- This is a natural method of soapmaking that the body definitely prefers. When the large soap companies boil their huge vats of soap they are burning off any possibility of the soap maintaining any of its natural nutrients. They must add preservatives because they "killed" any and all naturally occurring plant preservatives that may have been present. We could never do that! Our soaps never contain any preservatives as pure essential oils do that for us; naturally. Furthermore, our cold pressed coconut oil maintains all of its emollience in the cold process method.

Natural rich lather- Large soap companies have to add synthetic hardeners and detergents to artificially create lather, and even then it is a large, bubbled short-lasting lather. A 100% cold processed, coconut oil-based bar is naturally abundant with a thick, rich, dense, small bubbled lather. Suitable for all over body use including face, hair and even shaving. Our lather is promised to leave you completely satisfied.

Applicable for sensitive skin- Because our soap is a 100% natural product it is certainly suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Although we have only ever received e-mails of praise about our products we still would like to warn that some essential oils can be an irritant to some people. If this is the case please discontinue use and try another "flavor" of Sensatia natural soap.

Environmentally friendly product- Our products never contain any synthetic preservatives, detergents or colorants. "The big guys" soap takes about 3 months to biodegrade and hinder future break down of waste by killing bacteria in most waste systems. On the contrary, once our rich lather goes down the drain it is broken down in into just carbon dioxide and water after just 24 hours or less.

Pure Essential oils- We purchase only certifiably pure essential oils from far off places such as China, Sri Lanka, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil. When used in a natural, cold process method of making soap, essential oils maintain all their beneficial properties, act as a natural preservative, are antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and create an overall feeling of well being. The Mesopotamians have known and used the benefits of essential oils for thousands of years, why is it taking us so long to make the right decision?