One of the greatest pleasures of working and living abroad is the people you meet and the life-long relationships you develop. I feel blessed everyday to have the opportunity to live, work and play with a group of people from such an exotic place; Bali, the island of the gods. When I first moved to Bali in 1997 I didn’t care much about the tourist attractions or the discotheques. My greatest interest was getting acquainted with the warmth of the people whose good hearted energy seemed to shine for miles with every gleaming smile and every exuberant laugh. I needed to know how could these poor people be so cheerful and loving all the time. Well, I came to find out these people had something that money couldn’t buy. Through respect for self and others rich or poor, love for their neighbors near or far, firm family value and hierarchy, respect for the wise elders, conscious action, a strong Hindu-based belief in Karma, an endless love for joking and playing tricks on one another, they have developed a genuine, whole-hearted love of life. With every early morning spring out of bed one can’t help but join them in their belief that life isn’t that bad, in fact, its pretty good.
In an effort to share what I find most interesting about these ancient peoples I have included photographs along with a small story about each of our staff. Thank you for your interest.

*UNDER CONSTRUCTION* (thanks for bearing with us!)