Anna: from the french word anamythe - a derogatory name for vietnamese
Moï: a vietnamese word for indegenous, savage, wild

Anna Moï s a study in contrasts. Melding traditional Vietnamese design with modern playful icons, the collection is a perfect blend of East and West.
Crisp, white, linen lingerie and shoe bags, a staple of the grand ladies of French occupied Vietnam during the late 1800s, have been reinterpreted and updated with whimsical embroidery. A playful poodle and tiny bikinis grace the bags which were once festooned with complicated lace during the days of elegant Indochine.

Sisters Thien-Nga Schwab (AKA Anna Moï) and Thanh Tran are Anna Moï's everything. Anna Moï, in Vietnam and Paris and Thanh, in Los Angeles design, manufacture, and export the collection, while running the day-to-day operation. An engineer by day, Thanh joined her sister in the business in 2000. Her goal was to duplicate the success that Anna Moï had achieved in Europe and Asia. In just two years, Anna Moï has grown in the U.S. to 500 retailers nationwide, as well as the popular website: www.annamoi.com. With an ear to ancient, ingrained Asian traditions and an eye to modern Western tastes, Anna Moï has captured the essence of both worlds.

Anna Moï is also an award winning author and her best seller french book Riz Noir (Black Rice) has been translated into four languages. All her books are available for purchase on Amazon.